Juno Gemes


The Long March for Justice and Hope

Portraits from The Movement 1978 – 2003

List of Works

Warning: This exhibition contains photographs and names of Indigenous people no longer with us.



The Long March for Justice and Hope
Invasion Day, La Perouse, NSW 1988.


All One Mob – Uluru Handback Ceremony
Indigenous Custodians and supporters, Uluru, NT 1985.

NAIDOC Week at the Settlement


Lively Kids at the Settlement
Redfern, Sydney 1977.


Party Time at the Settlement
Redfern, Sydney 1977.

Political Activists, Culture Teachers, Musicians


Chicka Dixon – Organiser
Aboriginal Bands play Sydney Festival, Hyde Park, Sydney 1980.


Jambe (Left Leg) Roche and Johnny Marshall
National Aboriginal Country Western Music Festival, Blacktown, Sydney 1982.


Slim Dusty Band
National Aboriginal Country Western Music Festival, Blacktown, Sydney 1982.


Maureen Watson and Family
National Aboriginal Country Western Music Festival, Blacktown, Sydney 1982.


Kumatjay Perkins, Daughter Rachel, Bobby McCloud
National Aboriginal Country Western Music Festival, Blacktown, Sydney 1982.


Leila Rankine at CASM
Founder, Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, University of Adelaide, 1986.


Jimmy Little – Musician
First album Mysteries of Life (1955). Hit ‘Royal Telephone’ topped music charts in 1964. Promoted Aboriginal Country Music Show in Sydney 1965. Lifelong dedication to Aboriginal music and the community.

The Persuaders


Burnham Burnham and Guboo Ted Thomas
Yuin Elders, Culture Teachers, Centennial Park, Sydney 1984.


Kevin Cook – Activist, Educator
Founding Director, Tranby College, Glebe, Sydney 1981.


Bill Reid – Elder, Artist
Voting at first National Aboriginal Congress Elections, Redfern Public School, Sydney 1979.


Lyall Munro Jr, National Aboriginal Legal Services
Discussion on The Green Paper at Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Parliament House, Sydney, 1981.


Percy Mumbler and Kevin Cook
Speaking out at NAIDOC Day March, Macquarie Street, Sydney 1981.


Yvonne Goolagong-Cawley
Tennis champion accepts the winner’s trophy, White City, Sydney 1984.



Jimmy Little, James Henry, Marjorie Peters-Little, Frances Peters-Little
James Henry is musician, Frances Peters-Little, filmmaker, musician, historian, writer. At home, Sydney, 2003


Florence Kennedy
Visiting Bangate Station, working on Native Title claim, Walgett NSW 1994.


Lyall Munro Jr and son Jason
At Les Coe Memorial Football Knockout Weekend, Erambi Cowra, NSW 1978.


Isabel Coe and her Daughter
At Les Coe Memorial Football Knockout Weekend, Erambi, Cowra, NSW 1978.


Mrs Agnes Coe, Waradjuri Elder
Caring for Sacred Site, Waradjuri country, NSW 1978.


Millie Boyd, Knarbul Elder, Lorraine Mafi-Williams, Grandson Darren
Lorraine Mafi-Williams, filmmaker, activist. At home, Casino, NSW 1983.


Uncle Lyle Roberts, Bungalung Elder
Land Rights Workshop, Aquarius Festival, Nimbin, NSW 1983.


Leonie with her pet cockatiel
Biame Hostel (Hostel Life commission), North Sydney, NSW 1981.


Veronica Rankin
Coordinator, Aboriginal Sobriety Group, Adelaide, SA 1986.


Two Women from The Stolen Generations
Yeperenye Festival, Alice Springs, NT 2000.

Land Rights Before Games: National Land Rights Action


Lyall Munro Senior
National Aboriginal Congress, Aboriginal Legal Services. Before delegation leaves for Africa to lobby for boycott of Commonwealth Games. Press Conference, Sydney Airport 1981.


The Hon. Gough Whitlam, Chairman Ossie Cruise, Michael Anderson
Members of National Aboriginal Congress and Aboriginal Legal Services prepare to lobby African Nations to boycott Commonwealth Games in support of National Land Rights Action in Brisbane. Back row: Sugar Ray Robinson, Lyall Munro Senior. Press Conference, Sydney Airport, NSW 1981.


Bob Weatherall at FAIRA Office
Chair, Foundation for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Research, National Land Rights Action, Brisbane, Queensland 1982.


The Reverend Charles Harris at FAIRA Office
Office Coordinator during National Land Rights Action, Brisbane, Queensland 1982.


Marcia Langton – Activist, Academic
Writer, actor, social commentator. FCAATSI, AIATSIS, Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Professor of Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne. National Lands Rights Action March, Brisbane 1982.


Kumatjay Perkins speaking out at the Roma Forum
FCAATSI, Freedom Rides, DAA, Chairperson Aboriginal Development Commission. National Land Rights Action, Brisbane 1982.


Peaceful Protest Against Queensland Government
Billy Cragie, Maureen Watson, Ross Watson and others. The Bjelke-Petersen Government declared the Land Rights marches illegal. Garden City, Brisbane, Queensland 1982.


Kathy Bayles Rallies Against Arrest of Marchers
Roma Forum, National Land Rights Action, Brisbane, Queensland 1982.


Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) – Poet, Activist, Educator
FCAATSI, Organising Committee National Land Rights Action. At her sitting-down place, Moongalba, Stradbrook Island, Queensland 1982.


Lionel Fogerty – Poet, Activist
Leads an Illegal March, National Land Rights Action, Brisbane 1982.

Let’s Dance


Sylvia Blanco – Dancer, Dance Teacher AIDT
Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre. Dance class with Mornington Island dancers and members of the community, Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.


Lois Cook – Dancer, Model
Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre, at Nielson Park, Sydney 1979.


Carol Johnson – Founder, Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre
With final year dancers at dress rehearsal before performance. Footbridge Theatre, Sydney.


Mutijulu Women’s Ceremony
Dancing their country, Uluru Handback Ceremony 1985.


Teddy Moon and Lance Langley, Wallaby Hunt Dance
Woomera Mornington Island Dancers, Adelaide Museum 1980.


Teddy Moon, Wallaby Hunt Dance
Woomera Mornington Island Dancers, Adelaide Museum 1980.

Artists, Educators


Wandjuk Marika
Yolngu Elder, Artist, Yiradikki Master, Chairman Aboriginal Arts Board. Paddington, Sydney 1979.


Thancoupie conducts Pottery Workshop
Master Potter. North Sydney, 1981.


Jeffrey Samuels – Artist Boomalli Studio
Founder Member of Boomalli, Australian Museum, Aboriginal Arts Board. Chippendale, Sydney 1987.


Apmira Artists for Land Rights, Exhibition Opening
Banduk Marika, Juno Gemes, Wandjuk Marika. Padddington Town Hall, Sydney 1982. (Photo: Jon Lewis)

Uluru Handback Ceremony


Yami Lester Speaks at Uluru Handback Ceremony
On left: Phillip Toyne, CLC, Pastor, Methodist Minister of Cocker Island Church, Chairman Uluru Lands Trust. Uluru, NT, 5 November 1985.


Showing the Agreement
The Hon Barry Cohen, Mutijulu Community Leaders. Back ground: Sir Ninian Stephen, Sir David Smith, Phillip Toyne, Central Land Council. Members of Uluru–Kata Tjuta Land Trust signed Uluru National Park Agreement with Federal Government. Uluru, NT, 1985.


You Are on Aboriginal Land – Commemorating Uluru Handback
Mutijulu elders and kids, Sir Ninian Stephen, Paddy Uluru, Rosie and Reg Uluru, Clyde Holding (Labor MP), Barry Cohen (Labor MP). Uluru, NT, 1985.


Mutijulu Elders Speaking Out
Mutijulu elders speaking out on what the return of sacred country means to them. Uluru, NT, 1985.

Dynamic Culture – Film and Theatre


Essie Coffey (Bush Queen) and my son Orlando Gemes
Black Theatre, filmmaker, educator, Founder Western Aboriginal Legal Services. Essie Coffey made the acclaimed film My Survival as an Aboriginal. Bundeena, NSW 1978.


Jerry Bostock – Playwright, Filmmaker, Writer, Poet
Tent Embassy, Black Theatre, film Lousy Little Sixpence, Koori Productions, SBS. Koori Media Association goes to 1st National Documentary Film Festival. On the road to with 16mm Bolex, SA 1984.


Tommy Lewis, Film Actor
The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith. Newtown, Sydney 1987.


Justine Saunders Styling Up
Actor (theatre, film,TV), educator, Black Theatre Art & Culture Centre, Aboriginal National Theatre Trust. Heartland set, Brooklyn, NSW 1994.


Bob Maza – Playwright, Actor, Activist
Black Theatre Art & Culture Centre, Aboriginal Theatre Trust. Heartland set, Brooklyn, NSW 1994.


Cate Blanchett and Ernie Dingo
Actor, director, culture teacher, TV presenter-actor. Heartland set, Brooklyn, NSW 1994.


Lydia Miller
Film actor, Chairperson Aboriginal Arts Board, lawyer. On the set of feature film Jinderlee Lady. Balmain, Sydney 1996.


Remembering Brian Syron
Actor, director, acting teacher, Black Theatre filmmaker, founder Black Playwrights’ Conference, Aboriginal National Theatre Trust. Stephen Page (dancer, choreographer, director Bangarra) at Brian Syron’s funeral. La Perouse, Sydney 1993.

Invasion Day – March for Justice & Hope, 26 January 1988


Mum Shirl (Mrs Shirley Smith)
Founder Aboriginal Medical Services, Aboriginal Legal Services, Aboriginal Children’s Sevices, Murrawina. Awarded a Gold Police Badge, lobbied all her life to improve conditions in the jails. Guest Speaker, Police Commission Conference. Sydney Town Hall, Sydney 1988.


Gary Foley, Invasion Day – We Have Survived
Activist, actor, historian. Tent Embassy, Foundation Member Aboriginal Legal Services, Aboriginal Medical Services, Chairman Aboriginal Arts Board. La Perouse, Sydney 1988.


Young Mother and Child, Invasion Day
March for Justice & Hope. Redfern Park, Sydney 1988.



Elsie Roughsey – Lardil Elder, Writer
Elsie Roughsey’s autobiography, The Sweetness of the Fig, was published in 1984. Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.


Kevin Gilbert and Joe outside Anti-Bicentennial and Treaty ’88 Meeting
Activist, poet, playwright, writer, editor, publisher. Tent Embassy, Black Theatre, National Aboriginal Education Committee, Treaty ’88. Balmain Town Hall, Sydney 1987.


Dr Roberta Sykes with her Daughter Naomi
Activist, poet, writer. Tent Embassy, Aboriginal Medical Services, NSW Health Commission, PhD Harvard. At the National Poetry Festival, Melbourne 1994.

Top End – Mornington Island, Queensland


Elders from Arakun and Mornington Island greeting each other before ceremony. Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.


Lindsey (Spider) Roughsey and Women of Clan
Lardil Ceremonial Leader on Bora Ground. Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.


Young Men Raise the Flag on Bora Ground
Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.


One with the Land
Beach camp, windward side. Family waiting for the Dunna and Wanna to come in. Mornington Island, Queensland 1978.

We are Bosses Ourselves – DVD Colour


David Gulpilil, Sydney 1981

Essie Coffey (Bush Queen) 1978

Robert Merritt, Sydney 1985

Oodgeroo Noonuccal 1989

Lester Bostock and Ruby Langford Ginibi, Sydney 1989

Banduk Marika, NT 2002

Linda Burney M.P, Sydney 2003

Senator Aden Ridgeway, Sydney 2003

Kevin Smith, Sydney 1981

Mick Miller, NLRA, Brisbane 1982

Cheryl Buchanan, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, NAIDOC Day, Martin Place Sydney 1978

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody March 1986

Mum Shirl’s Christmas Party, Redfern 1983

Golf Trophy Yarrabah House, La Perouse 1986

Kirinari Raiders, Sutherland 1981

Pat O’Shane, Sydney 1984

The First Australians – Sydney Opera House

Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre 1987

Tiwi Dancers – First Australians 1987

Raymond Blanco, New Caledonia 2000

Ronnie Ansel – Us Mob 1981

George Rurrambu – Warrumpi Band, Sydney 1984

Warlpiri Ceremony – AGNSW 1984

Satellite Time – AGNSW 1997

Yirrkala Dancer, Sydney 1981

At Mutijulu – on the move 1985

Uluru Handback Ceremony 1985

John Ah Kit, Galarrwuy Yunupingu 1985

Tracey Moffatt, Sydney 1983

Fiona Foley, Hervey Bay 1997

Anti Bicentennial Gal, Sydney 1987

Linda Burney, Anti Bicentennial Protest, Sydney 1987

Jenny Munroe, Anti Bicentennial Protest, Sydney 1987

Tiga Bayles, Sydney 1987

Gerry Bostock, Sydney 1987

Fiona Foley and pal, Hervey Bay 1997

Elva Cook and grand kids, Intjatnama NT 2001

Survival Concert, Sydney 1993

Jimmy Little at The Basement, Sydney 2003

Galarrwuy Yunupingu Yolngu people – Invasion Day, La Perouse 1988

Jim Everett and Michael Mansell, Sydney 1988

Invasion Day Redfern Park 1988

Two Laws painting, Intjatnama NT 2001

Aaron Peterson Yeperenye Festival, NT 2001

Gumatj Gal Yeperenye Festival, NT 2001

Lois O’Donohue Reconciliation Walk, Sydney 2000

Robin Granites Warlpiri Media Association, NT 2001

Corrie Peters Wedding MI 1978

Djon Mundine and Native Sons Band, NT 2002.

Djon Mundine Shrines, Sydney 1998

Linda Burney and Rick Farley, Sydney 2003

Sea of Hands – Australians for Native Title 2000

Protest – Gilbert family Corroboree 2000

Lois O’ Donoghue Reconciliation Walk, Sydney 2000

The people say SORRY, Sydney 2000

Barbie Langley, Turtle Hunt Exhibition Mornington Island 1979

Mutijulu Culture Centre, NT 1985

Beryl Walford and Lucy Gemes, Sydney 2002

Jo-Anne Dreissens, Juno Gemes, Brisbane 2002

Baryulgil Demonstration Tent Embassy 1983

Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra 1983

Fiona Foley, Badtjala artist, Fraser Island 1997

Dinner Time, Fraser Island 1997

Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra 2003

Always was, Always will be, Canberra 2003